Spitting To Abstraction

installation on the exhibition Spitting To Abstraction at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw

photos of Homo Ergaster diorama in Hall of Human Origins in American Museum of Natural History in NYC, Arduino microcontroler,
LED light, acrylic glass, PVC, amplifiers, speakers, sound sample of spitting

dimensions variable, ca 120 cm x 450 cm

press release for the exhibition:

Kuba B±kowksi’s new project, Spitting to Abstraction, on show at the Foksal Gallery, makes conscious use of a hybrid fusion of figures, effigies, likenesses, symbols and signs, a fusion bordering on the absurd.
B±kowski’s questing pivots on images which are a powerful presence in visual pop culture and originate from spheres outwardly far-removed from each other, such as natural history, comics or political myth.
Thus, here, we meet the Homo sapiens from the exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Incredible Hulk, hero of comics and film and a likeness
of Abraham Lincoln presented in the form of an absurd novelty souvenir. Spitting to Abstraction is the search for a state where a given manifestation suddenly takes on a concrete shape,
form and character, only to degrade and return to its former amorphousness a moment later. The status of the hybrid emerging in this abrupt process is ambiguous, it is fleeting and precarious;
as a prototype of a new hybrid form, or bastard, it is something between a phantasm and a real being.

The separate parts of the project share a common element in the use of sounds connected with speech and its hypothetical origins, as well as alternatives to linguistic means of communication;
in a way, it is as if the hybrid, once emerged, makes its existence manifest in attempts at both self-definition and communicating with the external environment. The nature of these sounds
of expression is various, arising from the elements making up the project’s individual parts and from their final structure. The exhibition's auditory layer also encompasses paralinguistic
sounds uttered by the prehistoric, primitive humans and communication built through fragments of film dialogue. The animal-like noises emitted by a human trying to lure a stag into
a trap compete with the sounds produced by a mechanically kinetic sculpture-letter.

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