There and Back Again

Site-specific installation at Bill Scott Sculpture Centre, Edinburgh (Sept 2012)

press release:

Kuba Bakowski's site-specific installation 'There and Back Again' explores the inaccessible spaces of the new Bill Scott Sculpture Centre. Modified 3 Piko HO model trains 
equipped with miniature wi-fi cameras travel on tracks installed between the pipes and cables which run at a high level thorough out the spaces of the building.
The live video transmission of the view from the front windows of the models can be watched on the several monitors, placed few meters below. There are also several
additional stationary wired cameras placed under the ceilings showing the action form the external point of view. The interaction with the architecture of
the Sculpture Centre brand new building, the playing with scale and the kinetic nature of the work is a synthesis of video, sculpture and installation.

'There And Back Again' is the result of research and work at the art-in-residency supported by The Royal Scottish Academy and The Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

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