Zeran Star Project

Kodak Duratrans mounted in light box, 95 x 71 x 15 cm (28 x 37.4 x 6 in); 2010/2011

Zeran Star is the result of actions carried out in November 2010 near the Zerański Canal (a tributary of the Vistula River) in the post-industrial landscape of suburban areas of Warsaw, and the subsequent consultations with astronomer. Bakowski and his team connected two abandoned towers, one on each side of the canal, with 250 meters of steel cable. This created the possibility of climbing 25 meters over the river in order to produce a point of light in the evening sky by use of a powerful flashlight. The resulting photography was achieved with the consultations of the astronomer, who calculated the stellar coordinates
of the artificial star.

performance and photography - Kuba Bakowski & Two Towers Team
astronomical calculations - Dr. Martin Kiraga, Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw

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